Another Quick Update

Hey Friends,

I have been getting lots of texts and messages asking how I have been doing (which I LOVE and APPRECIATE)! So I wanted to update everyone. I have been going for bloodwork every three days since my blood levels dropped off about two weeks ago. My platelets have recovered to healthy levels, however my white and red blood counts have dropped significantly to “critical” levels. There really isn’t anything they can do at this point… 1) wait till they drop more and I have a transfusion (which I am pretty close to) 2) wait till I get sick and need antibiotics and a transfusion or 3) let them return to healthy levels on their own (which we hope happens soon). I was due to re-start chemo this weekend but that obviously isn’t happening. In the mean time I am staying as healthy as I can and hoping for the best.

Thank you all for your love and support!


A Challenging Week

Hi Friends!

Hope you are all having an awesome summer! Ours started out really great, with the amazing news of my tumour shrinking, but this past week things have turned into a bit of a challenge for me. This has been the most physically demanding week since getting sick, and for the first time I actually feel like a “sick” person. I finished my first cycle of this new chemo almost 3 weeks ago and since last week my blood levels have been dropping very quickly. My white and red blood counts are low, but most concerning is my VERY low platelet counts. I have had uncontrollable bleeding and bruising all over my body for the past few days. Today my family doctor wanted to give me a blood transfusion, but the emergency doctor would not do one without the “sign-off” of my oncologist. I am very, very tired and have next to no energy, but will just take it very easy. Steve has me on a very healthy diet aimed to boost my blood counts. Next week I will have more testing to see if I need a transfusion or if things are coming back on their own. Man, o man though this chemo is kicking my ass! Hope that means it is doing its job! Thanks for your support. Have a wonderful weekend!