Media Coverage for CanCertainty

As indicated in my last post, I was/am participating in a campaign to get equal coverage for ALL Chemotherapy drugs for ALL provinces in Ontario. Right now cancer patients in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces are not covered if their Chemo is given orally (pill format). They would be covered if they lived in the other provinces or if their Chemo was given through an IV. This is not an option for me.

You can learn more about the CanCertainty campaign HERE.

And make sure to check out my “Media Appearances” HERE ; ) I feel very ritzy saying that!  They did not get all the information totally right… but please ask me if you have any questions. ( I am interviewed in the following pieces: 3rd from top – CTV news, 11th from top – CBC news, and in the last article)

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Cancer’s not fair but accessing treatment should be!

What is the difference between Oral and IV Chemo?

Yes, one is taken at home, and the other given at a hospital. But they serve the same purpose …. to stop the growth of, and hopefully kill, cancer cells. So why do patients in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces need to pay for Oral Chemo but can receive IV Chemo completely free? Makes no sense to me!  Why the difference? Did you know there was a difference?

Today launched a campaign by CanCertainty to change this! CanCertainty – – is a coalition of 30 cancer organizations with the goal of providing equal and fair cancer treatment for ALL CANADIANS. As stated on their website “Cancer patients in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces should not be systemically discriminated against simply because the cancer-fighting medication they need goes in their mouth (comes in a prescription pill bottle) instead of their arm (an intravenous line).” And I agree! That is why I am participating in their campaign and am asking all you to learn more and consider joining the movement.

I became involved through the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. The story of my battle to pay for the ONLY medical option I had to treat my cancer can be read at This story was shared to CanCertaintly and the organization has already gotten some great national coverage!

CBC posted a great article earlier this morning about the fight. Check it out at

CBC also interviewed me earlier today for a TV piece that should be airing on the National at 6:00pm tonight. Keep your eyes open for that.

Please visit to learn more and please share any of these stories, or the others that will be developing in the coming days, with your family and friends. Together we can change this inequality!

As always, thank you for your love and support!