Jenna’s Jems . . . Has a website!!

I am happy to announce that Jenna’s Jems now has a website!! Please check out her website and continue supporting her amazing work ❤ 

Jenna you are a very special, generous young lady!




Saved the Best for Last…

Morning and Happy Friday!!

I have saved the best 25 for 25 for last! And then I promise to stop posting about it lol

I received the follow e-mail 2 days after my birthday and was simply amazed, touched, and speechless! Never have I received a message that has touched me so deeply! The individual and her family have asked to remain anonymous as they don’t think 25 for 25 is about receiving public recognition. All I can say is what a spectacular, generous family! Thank you for participating in my birthday celebration in ways I could never, ever have imagined ❤ 


Dear Lynsey,

I just wanted to let you know, that you don’t know me, but I am a friend of XXXXX.  Over a year ago she asked me if I would pray for you, and since that time I have been following your blog, praying for you regularly, and thinking of you often.  I even have kept a picture of you and your family taped to my computer so I won’t forget about you.

But I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me and my family.   I don’t know what else I can say to you.  But thank you so much for your wonderful spirit.  You’ve helped me to remember to pray, and to keep perspective on life.

Since you announced your 25 for 25 plan I thought about what I could do for your birthday.  I can say it wasn’t as spectacular as what I have read about on your blog, but I wanted to let you know that way on the other side of the world, people are praying for you, and engaged in random acts of kindness on your behalf.


So for your birthday, here’s a few things that happened, and some of them are still unfolding…

  • As i live in Ethiopia, I am really surrounded by poverty.  On my way to work each day on any given day I can see up to 20 severely handicapped people and young mothers with babies that are barefoot in the streets, looking for help.   Somedays, frankly, I have to turn my head the other way.   I can’t help them all, but for your birthday, i made an extra effort to share some money with them.  And I am not done with that one yet as I have some things to give away that I will be doing over the next month.
  • I was able to help someone who is financially devastated, but has a real marketable talent.  I was able to advertise his talent and found him eight new customers, and also bought him a cell phone so that he could interact with his customers and sustain his business.
  • My husband and I own a school, and after consulting about what we could do for your birthday, we have decided to give full-ride permanent scholarships for several orphans that we know in our neighborhood.  the details of this are still being worked out, but once I finalize it, I will send you the details with some photos of the kids. 
  • I also shared your story with my kids who were very inspired and are still thinking of things they want to do.   We didn’t have time to help them carry out their ideas last weekend, so this will be an ongoing activity for some time!

Again, I just want to thank you for inspiring us!  Happy Birthday Lynsey!




MRI Results, November 6 2013

Quick Update:

Just got home from Sunnybrook with good news! The tumour is stable, and possibly has even shrunk a tiny little bit! My doctor thinks this is due to residual chemo effects. I have also been using strong anti-cancer herbs, going for regular acupuncture, and trying to be as healthy as possible (diet and exercise).

I had a slight set back last month when insurance pushed me back to work (with 5 days notice). My daytime seizures came back, and my nocturnal panic attacks increased in frequency. I was TOTALLY exhausted for the 3 weeks I was working (even though it was only part time). Last week my family doctor requested that I stop work, and I have been slowly getting back to “normal”. The daytime seizures stopped immediately, however I have had one panic attack since. I am still working to get this under control. 

So…. my goals for the next few months will be to build up my strength and get my panic attacks under control (as well as keep up with my current complimentary therapies).

Thank you all for your love and support. Fingers crossed for another good 3 months!

My Mom’s 25 for 25

Lynsey, when you first announced your “25 for 25” event, I was absolutely overwhelmed —  first by your generosity of spirit, and then by my own sense of pride in the incredible person you have become in these 25 lightning-speed years. 

Inspired by the challenge you had set yourself, I set the same challenge for myself… to  complete 25 ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ (now fondly referred to as RAK’s!) in honour of YOU on your birthday.

Though not nearly as grandiose and generous as yours, here is my humble ‘RAK’ record for October 28th, 2013:

1)  Meet with a specialist to set things in motion for a (long overdue!?) surgery.

2)  Make a donation to Young Adult Cancer Canada.

3)  Give blood at Lynsey’s Firecrackers’ blood donor clinic.

4)  Make and donate homemade stew to Sister Christine’s Drop-in Centre.

5)  Donate Lynsey’s Concert Band sweater to a high school student who could not afford one.

6) and 7)   Deliver hand-written cards and special gifts to 2 very important people who have  really “been there” for me (especially the last 2 years!).

8)  Donate canned goods and toiletries to Chalmers food drive.

9)  Take a fruit arrangement and treats to a family who has provided extra-special support for our family and let them know just how much they mean to us.

10)-12 )  Deliver special hand-written “You Make My Day”, “You always make me smile”,  and “Your hard work is appreciated” cards with a chocolate bar attached to each one, to  3  wonderful, and friendly people who, on a VERY regular basis, provide exceptional service in places that I frequent.

13)  Make and deliver muffins and a special card to someone who recently went through a difficult time.

14)  Create and deliver a “You Inspire Me” card and a Planet Bean gift card to someone who has made me think differently and intentionally about a great many things.

15)  Donate several boxes and bags of specially requested ‘bluejeans & socks’ to Chalmers Community Services Centre.

16)  Confirm a date to make dinner for a dear friend who I haven’t seen in some time..

17)  Donate household items to The ReStore.

18)  Help make cupcakes for those who are donating at Lynsey’s blood donor clinic.

19)  Deliver a card saying “Your job is challenging and I appreciate how well you do it” to someone I have had a few dealings with, and who I felt may not hear this often enough (chocolate bar also included!).

20)  Make brownies for YMCA front desk staff for their always cheery “Good Morning” and “Have a Great Day” greetings as I come and go from morning workouts.

21)  Donate clothes and toys to The Clothing Closet.

22)  Deliver a “You energize and inspire me” note of appreciation to a very special instructor.

23)  Donate 2 boxes of décor items to Bibles for Missions.

24)  Connect with someone who was very important in our family’s life years ago but who has since moved away.  Set up a time to come and see her and her new baby (make and take food to take when we go).

25)  Make sure Lynsey knows that she is now, and always will be, the most beautiful girl on the whole wide world!

Carrie’s 25 for 25 Experience!

Thanks for sharing and participating Carrie ❤

Hi Lynsey –
I thought I would share with you my experience from your special birthday!
First, let me say (again!) Happy Birthday!
And Secondly, Thank you.
Thank you for being the amazing woman you are – not too many people use their ‘quarter century’ mark to make such a difference to people all around them!  You not only impacted those us who are honoured to be considered “Firecrackers”, but many, many people who spiderweb out from us.  This is because you inspired us to do something awesome.  While every day SHOULD be Random Act of Kindness day, we all know it’s not.  So Thank you for inspiring us to make yesterday so special.
I had a very unique experience for your “25 for 25”.  I was not only participating in the small way I felt able to, but I was the very grateful and overwhelmed RECIPIENT of not one, but two Acts of Kindness yesterday.
When my doorbell rang at 9:30 or so, I was so suprised to see you!  And once I read your card, the ‘happy’ tears kept coming! 
Okay, so being a new mom with an 8 day old baby, I could blame hormones, but it was SO much more than that! 
I was so touched to be a part of your special day.  Speechless actually.  (And you can ask my Mom, cause she showed up right after you, while the emotions were still rolling! lol)  Thank you for the muffins and soup and babysitting gift certificate – a four yr old, two yr old and 8 day old do not allow for much baking or cooking just yet.  They are appreciated more than you can know. 
And that was only accentuated by the fact that my family was included in your 25 day!
(And Mom, thank you for the second act(s)!  I love you too!)
You have inspired me, through your posts, and especially after feeling so blessed by your visit and gift, to continue paying it forward, and wanting to be a part of you “25 for 25”.  Obviously, I was not quite up to raking leaves, or washing windows, or baking, or cooking, or babysitting….But, I was able to brighten someone’s day.
My friend was recently diagnosed with some health problems, that are quite serious, and getting her down.  She is feeling housebound and sad about that fact.  I wrote a lengthy card and delivered flowers to her house.  Bright, sunny flowers.  She called me later and left a message, which was a little hard to understand because of the emotion in her voice. 
I tell you about this because I understood this emotion and the message – I believe I left a similar ‘weepy’ message on YOUR voice mail! lol
Sending Flowers was such a simple gesture.  Writing a lenghty greeting card really didn’t take THAT long. But actually taking the time to DO IT, is the key here.  We get so involved in our lives, in our work, in our society, that we FORGET to take the time to DO the little things – even the simple things like telling someone you are actually thinking about them.
I know how I impacted someone’s day.  Not only because they told me, but because I know how I FELT being the recipient of an act of generosity and kindness. 
Thanks to your inpiration, this is something I will strive to continue.  I love the “Karri hour” concept.  I love that this Friday is officially “Random Act Of Kindness” day.  But even when this week is over, I am going to strive to do more acts of kindness, even if they are simple ones.  I truly think they all make a difference in this planet we call home!
Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman!
With Love,
Carrie (and Baby M too!)