25 for 25

For the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about what to do for my 25th birthday (pretty big deal… QUARTER OF A CENTURY and all ; ) And today I came up with the perfect birthday celebration!

This past year I have been shown so much love, kindness, and generosity that I want to spend my birthday giving those things back to other people. So, on my 25th Birthday I will be doing 25 random acts of kindness. This is what I want my “party” to be. Myself, and any family and friends that would like to participate, spend the day doing 25 acts of kindness.

Now I haven’t gotten much further past this idea, but I would love it if family and friends also participated. If you live close, awesome, we can meet for pizza and a drink at night, but even if you live across the country or ocean you can celebrate with me! Maybe we could take pictures of the different acts of kindness and I would put them all together after???  I am open to suggestions on how this might best work and some acts of kindness that we could do. 

If you would like to participate or have any ideas please e-mail me at lynsey.hodgson@gmail.com.


P.S. My birthday is October 28 for those that don’t know. ; )




August 9 Update

All your positive vibes/prayers/crossed fingers worked….
I had a good appointment with good results – no change in size of tumor.
Dr Perry says our biggest focus now should be on getting seizures, sleep, and depression under control. He really wants seizures controlled because they are preventing accurate readings of the tumor. So… we increased one of my anti seizure medications. He will be reviewing the results of my sleep study when they become available and might have me see a sleep specialist at Sunnybrook.
This is all good news and is good to have specific things to focus on… things that are more controllable than cancer!
Now to get life in order….


Thank you all for your love and support this week ❤

August 8, 2013

MRI today at 3:30pm…. find out results tomorrow at 10:00am. Please keep your fingers crossed/send positive energy/say a prayer… Whatever works for you, I appreciate it!

I will post results of MRI as soon as I can, and I do promise to write something about my time at the YACC conference. Still don’t have the words to explain how life changing it was!