Health Update, September 2012

I hope everyone has settled into their fall routines well.  I know, we have.  It is very nice having more structure to the weeks.  This post will be very short as I just want to update everyone on what has been going on heath wise with me these past few weeks. 

Two weeks ago I had two MRIs – one on my head (the normal three month follow up) and one on my neck & upper spine.  If you remember I have been having a lot of pains in the back of my head and my neck/shoulder area are very sore, so my oncologist thought they should do a scan to make sure all looked well.  All did look fine (PHEW).  I have some mild degeneration in my neck, which is the cause of all the pain.  Nothing much to do other than deal with it and do things that help manage the pain.  My head scan also came back normal.  There is no change in the size of the tumor.  Once again, this is great news… but not the best news it could have been.  O well! 

At my regular monthly visit last week they discovered that my blood work was not good enough to start chemo this week.  So, I haven’t started my 10th round of chemo yet.  They did a blood test yesterday, but not where it needs to be yet.  I will have another test done early next week to see how it is then.  They said no need for concern.  I have been feeling OK, just very tired and quite out of it.  I hope to be able to start round #10 by the middle of next week.  I will post again as soon as I know anything further. 

Thank you all for your loving support! xox   


Happy Fall!

Happy Fall Everyone! 

Where did the summer go?!?  I can not believe everyone is back to school today!  Today is filled with mixed emotions for me… After an amazing, but crazy busy summer, I am ready for a bit more of a low key, scheduled fall.  I miss summer already, but love the beauty that fall brings as well.  I love that fall, for me at least, feels like the start of a new year.  I am ready for this “fresh start”.  I hope that all this means I will be able to blog more than I was these past couple months!  I have really missed it. So here goes… 


What have I been up to all summer?

Well… lots!  August was very very busy!  I spent a lot of time exploring many many complementary cancer care options and my parents and I spent a lot of time getting the basement turned into the new apartment that Steve and I are living in!  We did a lot of organizing, painting, organizing, moving furniture, organizing more stuff, moving more stuff out, and then finally moving all of our stuff in.  The place looks great (if I can say so myself)!  It is the perfect size for the two of us, and has everything we need (including proper home cooked meals right upstairs ; ) I am still new to this cooking thing… as I think my parents could attest to, after the smoke alarm went off at 6:30am this morning as I was attempting to cook Steve pancakes for his first day of school.  Having Steve here is also a big reason why I am excited for the fall!  It is great to have him around more.  

Early August I had the opportunity to meet one of the most amazing people, who I have to thank for introducing me into many complementary cancer treatments/therapies.  His story, which I will get to in a moment, is simply remarkable and I know that the last round of chemo went so well (and virtually side effect free) due to the many additional things I am doing to keep my body and immune system at their best.  Mark and I were introduced (on Facebook) through a mutual friend and after exchanging a few e-mails decided to meet for coffee. 

Mark’s story (in his own words) is as follow…  “On March 25 2011 I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma cancer at my e/g junction, which had spread to my peritoneal cavity. It was inoperable and incuraable. I was put on cisplatin,eppirubicin and 5fu. The 5fu ran through a pic line in my arm that ran 24 hours a day. I carried that bottle in a hip sack. I was put on an 18 week chemo treatment plan to try and prolong my life. 1-5 years at best. The chemo was only a 40% chance of working at all. And I was giving a 0% chance of ever being cancer free. With all of this info my family and I made a decision that these numbers did not apply to me. I was going to heal myself. I was going to walk into Princess Margarat against all odds and do something that no one else has ever done. And i did! On September 1st 2011 after a clear CT Scan and now a clear PET scan there was no trace of the disease in my body. I allowed them to do a scope and laproscopy in the mid September 2011 and there wasn’t even any scar tissure remaining. I said I was going to straight up beat cancer and I did.  I refused any further treatment because I feel strongly that I have healed myself. Here I am 1 year later. cancer free. Also, I had 3 problematic gallstones from chemo which I was told that the only way to get rid of them was to have my gallbladder removed. I went for an ultrasound just to see and they had also vanished.”  

Now even with this very small taste of the (to put it lightly) hell that Mark went through, I am sure you can see why he inspired me to try so many additional therapies and treatments.  We sat at Williams for 4 hours the afternoon I met him, talking about what he went through and what he did to prove his doctors wrong.  His doctors ( and I am sorry to say my oncologist also) had/has no interest in the complementary or alternative care that people try.  His told him that he was crazy for doing these things, that he was wasting his time, etc. etc. etc.  My doctors also have no desire to hear of the additional treatments I am doing.  Mark is the only recorded case of a person ever beating the type of cancer that he had.  I think this makes all the “wasted time/money” more than worth it!  Congratulations Mark on being one year cancer free and thank you for showing me that I too can do it!     

Now I won’t bore anyone with all the details of the complementary therapies I am doing.  I would love to talk more about them, so if you want to please feel free to e-mail!  I am not doing any “radical” or unsafe things.  In fact, everything that I am doing is quite common sense (or it is once you read through the BS the North American media, food suppliers, and apparent “health” suppliers feed us).  I am:

– Eating an Alkaline diet, including drinking water that has been alkalized.  The body’s optimal pH is 7.35, and a typical North American lifestyles had our bodies at a much more acidic pH level.  Degenerative diseases thrive and grow in an acidic body.  Cancer cells are very acidic, so make this problem even worse.  Cancer cells can not grow in an alkaline environment.  I am doing everything I  can to maintain a body pH of 7.35. 

– Eating for my blood type.  Each blood type has different foods that are easiest to digest and most effective in providing our bodies with everything it needs.  I am trying to feed my body the foods it needs, and keep the hard to digest ones out.  I want it fighting the cancer, not trying to digest Beef (which is very challenging for A blood type’s to digest).

– Taking Vitamin D, Magnesium, Folic Acid, & B12 Supplements.  Taking Black Strap Molasses (for iron).  These deficiencies were identified through a Live & Dry Blood Test & through my naturopathic care.  These will help with my decreased energy, anxiety, sleeping trouble, improve my immune system and all around health. 

– Acupuncture.  AMAZING!!

– Skin Brushing.  To help remove toxins from my body (the skin is one of the most important waste eliminations organs in the body) and improve circulation.  

– Contrast Showers.  To help improve immune system and circulation.    

– Going off all “unnecessary” medications.  I have been able to completely stop taking my anti-anxiety medication and only take a sleeping pill, on average, once a week.  I want to try to eliminate any unnecessary toxins.  Don’t worry though – I am not going to stop chemo or my anti-seizure meds or anything!!

– Meditation, Yoga & Visualization.  Great for relaxing, healing, and mindfulness.

I am sure I will discover some more options later this week, as I am meeting with a Naturopath that only offers complementary cancer care.  Very much looking forward to it!  

I think I have rambled on long enough for today.  I look forward to seeing what September brings for everyone – hopefully many positive changes, fresh starts and improved health!  

Thank you for the continued support.